So I work in a nursing home as a speech therapist, and a large part of my day is talking to adorable little old men and ladies who are either quite demented or just unabashed to be old and crazy. I jot down some of the funny comments and stories they tell me and want to share them with the world.


Harris: (on my colored skirt) Where did you get that thing from? I
won't say I like it but it is colorful. If I could wear things like
that, I wouldn't wear that thing. I haven't been making fun of your
clothes but I don't like that thing.

Easterling: (What year is it?) This year? (long pause) Are we playing
another game? It's 1907.

Shipp: Hey, if you ask me what I'm doing here, I don't know.

York: Louisiana is coon ass country.

Golden: (Did Ms Jones' family take her out?) Lord no one takes her
out, she's ugly like me. That was mean of me to say but it's true.